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Injection Molding

Tool Maintenance

We also have an excellent tool maintenance program to insure that our customers’ tools will continue to produce top quality parts at an efficient production rate to keep costs down.

Currently our 30,000 sq. ft. facility houses 18 injection molding presses, including 2 vertical machines , ranging from 50 to 610 tons.

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Why is mold maintenance important?

    The condition of the injection mold affects the quality of the components produced. Your molds and tools are critical assets to your company, yet many customers overlook mold maintenance when making sourcing decisions.  In fact, how your supply partner maintains your molds is a critical aspect of a successful long-term business relationship.

What are the benefits of a properly-maintained mold?

    A well-maintained (and designed) mold is key to producing consistent, high quality injection molded parts. Uniform cooling throughout the cavity impression (and from cavity to cavity in multi-cavity tools) will yield the highest quality part and the fastest cycle time. 

   Ensuring a quality mold requires well-designed tooling and higher precision build, both of which can increase the tool construction cost and regular maintenance cost. However, these measures will ultimately save you significant costs on repairs.

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